As a results-driven and highly professional documenter, with proven skills in developing 'self-help' e-training systems and conventional written (and ‘readable’) technical and business-oriented computer user guides, I have developed curriculum for entire training classes and taught these courses to large groups of students both in the private sector and to agents and officers of the Department of Homeland Security.


As a Senior Technical Writer, I excel in evaluating business and technical subject data and specifications, and have the necessary experience to write exceptional user documentation in an innovative style that encourages students to read and learn!!


I have a large portfolio of my published documentation and can conduct demonstrations of my e-training courseware upon request!  My courseware incorporates concise text, moving graphics, in-stream videos, slideshows, and voiceover narratives ... to keep the learning experience both interesting ... and for those that want to learn the material…  even somewhat EXCITING!!    Thank you!!!